TRACKS in Marek gallery


TRACKS video installation in group show "Images, Tropes and Narratives - Sharing control" in Marek Gallery, Austria. Gallery is runned by Foto FLUSS organization in the town of Wolkersdorf.

21. 04. 2018 - 13. 05. 2018

curator: Harri Laakso und / and Martin Breindl

artists: Bryant Hoban (USA), Paola Jalili (MEX), Verna Kovanen (FIN), Else Lagerspetz (EST), Naya Magaliou (GR), Adrian Mc Grath (IRL), Sami Juhani Rekola (FIN), Samra Šabanović (BIH), Shubhangi Singh (IND), Sheung Yiu (HK)

About the exhibition: How do we construct contemporary narratives, and which images and tropes do we use when moving around in systems which are so dynamic that they already have escaped (artistic) control? These are the central issues addressed by the course Images, Tropes and Narratives: Sharing Control, which is co-taught byMartin Breindl and Harri Laakso (Professor of Visual Culture and Art) in the spring term 2018 at the Art Department of the Aalto University in Helsinki. How, in a joint effort, can we learn to give or share control – not just with the other artists involved in the project, but with other (human and non-human) intelligences? Artist have learned to act participatory and to invite others to take in the production of art works. But how do we deal with Artificial Intelligence, with machines and programs? With neural networks and deep learning? Or with animal intelligence, with biological systems?