Safe Pair Of Hands - group exhibition

SAFE PAIR OF HANDS (25.3.-5.4. 2019 at Aalto University) consists of artworks by a group of Aalto ARTS students who participated in the “Soft Materials in Contemporary Art” course. It is an exhibition including artworks inspired by textiles and other soft materials. The idea was to get acquainted with the usage of these materials and different textile techniques in the scene of contemporary art.


Tiia von Becker, Tuija Ihanta, Frida Ingman, Aino Kannisto, Verna Kovanen, Anni Lappalainen, Marjut Maristo, Joni Mäkelä, Mari Männa, Veera Varteva, Lumi Wiikari

Teacher: Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen / Poster: Joni Mäkelä

About my work:

Verna Kovanen: Yesterday came suddenly

Memories are always in relation to time and space, where they are thought through. Family archives, universally known rock songs and conversations with my relatives are the starting point of the cocktail visualized to this piece. The process of editing memories can lead within the time us anywhere.

rug collage (lamb wool strings, photoprint, metal strings)