One Man Multishow - a movie about Teemu Keisteri


Movie about dj Windows95Man.

One Man Multishow is a portrait documentary film about artist Teemu Keisteri. Teemu is an chameleon of art; He does his Ukkeli character, video art, paintings and performs as a Windows 95-man. You might even meet him performing as a DJ or with his extra ordinary band Peu.

Documentary film One Man Multishow presents 8 month period in this one of a kind artist´s life, starting from June 2014. Art show in Budapest, openings, struggles balancing between private life and busy performing artist. Teemu is close to do his brake through and it causes sleepless nights and also a lot of evenings partying.


Kovanen & Kunnas production

Director: Verna Kovanen

Filmography: Verna Kovanen and Emma Kunnas

Editing: Emma Kunnas

Script: Verna Kovanen and Emma Kunnas

Sound design: Risto "Desto" Roman

Color editing: Joni Kuusisto

English text: Tuomas Rantalainen

Music also by Peu and Alpharisc