Exhibition by 55-98 in Beta Space gallery


”Show must go wrong” is a video installation based on personal experiences. It is about losing one’s capability to function in the everyday life emphasizing efficiency. The work operates at the boundaries of controllable and uncontrollable – exactly where the solidity of body and mind are questioned.

How the state of matter of a person changes when being under pressure or going through a burnout. How the connection disappears. How we endlessly fight against the gravity of exhaustion.

55-98 is an artist collective by Verna Kovanen and Krista Seppälä, founded in 2017. Their works explore the culture of overload and the importance of rest.


Beta Space galleria, Otakaari 1 X, Espoo

Avoinna ma-to klo 8-20, pe klo 8-18

Open mon-fri 8am-8pm, fri 8am-6pm