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Verna Kovanen (b.1989) is a visual artist working with the mediums of photography and video. The questions relate to identity, imagination, memory, and dreams are always somehow in my thinking while doing my artistic practice. The family´s storage full of photo albums, diaries, and stuff offers me the main source of inspiration at the starting point. The way we write our personal history through photography in the family albums and our social media feeds get me forward. I could say my art is always a bit of autobiographical and lens-based.

I am known mostly by photography artworks and videoart, but in addition to lens based techniques I am working on with some mixed media pieces including textiles, rug making and embroidery. I see my works as a cocktail of machine and hand-made visuals, as wells as personal experience and collective consciousness.

Kovanen is widely experienced also by doing photography and video as commissions. Don´t hesitate to contact, if you have something in your mind.


Helsingin Sanomat article, 4.10.2020

Video interview about my artistic practise, 2020


2020, Master of Arts, Aalto University

2012, Bachelor in photography, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Selected solo exhibitions:

2022 Mältinranta (Tampere, FIN), Kouta galleria (Kouvola, FIN)

2020 Galleria 5 (Oulu, FIN), B-galleria (Turku, FIN)

2019 Korjaamo (Helsinki, FIN), VS Gallery (Fiskars, FIN), Space Place gallery (RUS)

2018 Beta Space (Espoo, FIN)

Selected group exhibitions:

2020, Pori Biennale IV - Not to sing like a city bird sings, (online exhibition)

2019, Ad Break, Street Art Vantaa, (Vantaa FIN), Safe Pair of Hands (Aalto University, Espoo, FIN)

2018, Images, Tropes and Narritives (Marek Gallery, Wolkersdorf, Austria), Aqua Art Miami fair (Miami, USA)


2022 Broken Holiday Album, Publisher Kerber Verlag

2016 Invisibles - true stories about imaginary friends