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Hello, so nice to see you here!

Verna Kovanen (b.1989) is a visual artist working with the mediums of photography and video. Her work has been seen during the last year in group shows exhibited in Marek Gallery (Austria) by Foto FLUSS organization and Aqua Art Miami fair in the USA, as well as in solo exhibition made with Krista Seppälä in Aalto University´s Beta Space gallery in Espoo (FIN). In 2019 Kovanen´s series Off-season - broken dreams will be exhibited as solo exhibitions in Korjaamo Culture Factory (Helsinki), VS Gallery (Fiskars) and SPACE PLACE gallery in Russia.

In her works, Kovanen explores the relation of our memories to the present moment and the impact of our visual archives in the building process of memories. Verna Kovanen is known also from her book Invisibles - true stories about imaginary friends published in 2016.

Kovanen is widely experienced also by doing visuals as commissions. Don´t hesitate to contact, if you have something in your mind.