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Hello, so nice to see you here!

My name is Verna Kovanen and I’m a picture maker and a visual production pro. I work as a planner and photographer in still and moving image productions. As a person I’m social and always ready for an adventure. So even though I’m based in Helsinki, Finland, the planes have carried me all around the world to shoot my photographic series. Check these trips and my escapist moments in the section called Voyage.

When working with travel photography I have quite a poetical style, but I also love to go a bit crazy sometimes especially when working with portraits. Throwing myself in the middle of funny documentary scenes, strong portrait sessions or playful fashion editorial set-ups is another passion of mine. Check these scenes in Face-a-face. My special skill is to create a good connection with children while working with them. I have made a book about kid’s imaginary friends, for example. Check it here.

Combining my two loves, capturing the most inspiring moment and look, I have also found myself doing Lifestyle and brand images. Visit here to see those beauties.

The Pre-work is one thing I passionately like to do. Well planned is half-way done! In addition to fashion shots, the pictures in the Eyecandy section are well-prepared, too. Go there to see my photos of food, still life and design editorials.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work together?

I wait for your call, so call me maybe, baby!